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Vintage GPO 700 Series Curly Handset Cable - Ivory

Product Information

Made to the original GPO specification with a

four core copper ‘tinsel’ flexible wire, made off at the

ends with the correct spades, as used on the old phones

and insulated at the speaker connection end to

ensure a positive connection.

The ends are fitted with the square

PVC grommet to fit to the back of the phone, while

the handset end has the correct ‘torpedo’ style grommet

with the strain retainer lugs attached.

Free shipping within the UK. If you are overseas, please contact me for a shipping price.


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GPO 700 series handset cable in ivory
GPO 700 series handset cable in ivory
GPO 700 series handset cables / cords - all colours

IMPORTANT : Our phones have been fully tested and are working on our Virgin Media and BT phone installations, but due to the legacy analogue technology used here, I recommend you check first that your network supplier supports pulse dialling.  If you plug your phone directly into your internet router, it is likely that one or more functions will not work (i.e. may not dial out, and / or ring).  In this case, you will likely require a pulse-to-tone converter fitting at an extra cost of £40.  Please contact me for more info.

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